The HALO series is designed to create a new and interesting link between the lamp and the user. There are no visible controls such as dimmer or a switch but instead they are integrated into the lamp itself. This means that in order to adjust the light the user has to rotate the lamp. To turn it on and brighten the light, rotate clockwise and to dim the light or turn it of, rotate counter clockwise.


Product: Halo Mirror

Dimensions: Ø660 x 100 mm / 25” X 4”
                         Other sizes are available upon request

Materials: veneer in oak, ASH or WALNUT, mirror glass  

Finishes: clear varnish or painted in RAL colors or standard colors.

Dimmer: Included, Lamp dims ON ROTATION

Light source: LED 15W, Color temperature: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K  RA90 

Power:  110V - 220V

Made in Germany and ICELAND. 
Designed by Kjartan Oskarsson 2014/2015 


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