The Lightcircleis designed specifically to create a fun new link between the lamp and its user. As the Lightcircleis a table lamp or work light I felt it was important to allow the user to adjust the amount of light in a simple manner. To increase the level of intrigue and involvement for the user I decided to include no visible controls such as a dimmer or switch, but rather to integrate them into the lamp itself. 

This means that in order to adjust the lamp one must touch it and move it back and forth, to increase or reduce the amount of light, or to turn it on and off. This simple motion creates an interesting link between the user and the lamp while at the same time creating a new experience for the user that is different from preconceived ideas about how dimmers work or how lights should be controlled. 

The lamp is built as a circle or a wheel attached to a base. As the idea is that the lamp will be touched a lot the choice of materials reflects this and is intended to ensure a long lifetime for the product. The circle is made of anodized aluminum. The anodized surface strengthens the aluminum and reduced fingerprints. 

The light source is a LED tape and is hidden within the circle, with the light directed towards the inside of the lamp. Opal-plastic is used to subdue and conceal the light source. The circle has a diameter of 22cm with a base of cement to give the lamp added weight. The dimmer electronics are in the bottom of the lamp and are linked to the aluminum ring via gears that turn the dimmer electronics when the ring is rotated. 


Materials: Aluminum and plastic. 
Dimensions: Q 9 inc., height 11 inc., width 1,1 inc. 
Light source: LED 12V 30W
Dimmer: 12V 0-100%  110v / 220v