This lamp is based on findings from Experiment. I wanted to create a wall lamp that gave a different type of light than that seen in traditional lamps, making the light more interesting by emulating light refraction by water. This makes the emitted light more interesting than the lamp itself, causing the emitted light to provide a larger decorative effect in a room than the physical lamp itself. 

The lamp consists of a light source built into the wall which illuminates a metal plate that functions as a mirror. The metal plate is bent in such a way that it creates a pattern of reflection reminiscent of the refraction of light passing through water. The metal plate is attached to the light source but can be rotate 360 degrees. To give the lamp a more sophisticated appearance the metal is polished to chrome plated. 


Materials: polished stainless steel. 
Dimensions: 3,7 x 3,7 inc
Light source: LED 3W 12V  110V / 220v